About Elpis Enterprises

Julie Weisz

Julie began riding at age ten and has successfully competed on an international level up through the 1.45m jumpers. She spent five years under the tutelage of Joie Gatlin and Morley Abey with whom she won many awards in the equitation and jumper rings. She also trained with Olympic medalist Michael Whitaker and had the opportunity to attend several competitions in Europe. In 2007, Julie began working with Arlyn DeCicco and her Balanced Equine Training system, which helped her better understand the essential role of anatomy in training horses and people.

Julie graduated from Gettysburg College in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania with Honors in Economics in 2012.  During this time, she served as captain of the Gettysburg Equestrian Team. Under her leadership, the team placed Reserve Champion of the region, the highest ranking in team history at the time.

In 2014, Julie moved to North San Diego County in California and began training fulltime. She utilizes the Balanced Equine Training program and an approach based on biomechanics to help horses and riders achieve their maximum potential. She believes in the merging of psychology and kinesiology to build successful human and equine partnerships. She attends CDS and USDF recognized dressage shows as well as rated and county hunter/jumper shows.

Career Accomplishments

• Winner in 1.40m – 1.45m Jumper Classes
• 3rd 1.30m Jumpers Masters Spruce Meadows Calgary, Canada
• USEF Zone 10 Top Ten Low Junior/Amateur Horse and Rider (1.30m)
• Bronze Medal FEI International Children’s Jumper Final (1.20m)
• Winner of 2003 Onondarka Medal Finals
• Placed in Maclay Regional Medal Finals, CPHA Medal Finals, PCHA Medal Finals, PHA West Medal Finals
• 6th Place IHSA National Championships Open Equitation Over Fences

The Meaning of Elpis

Julie first started learning about the Balanced Equine Training system at age 17. Although she had experienced competitive success, she began to encounter some roadblocks in her training. She became so discouraged that she was considering walking away from the industry when she discovered Arlyn DeCicco and began a new educational journey. When she decided she wanted to take a step back from competition and focus solely on Balanced Equine Training, Arlyn asked her why. Julie responded that working with Arlyn was like opening “Pandora’s box.” During her time in the competitive world, Julie had observed some training methods that were not in the horse’s best interests. Balanced Equine Training helped identify the biomechanics behind why some of those methods could be harmful. The program showed that there was another path to competitive success that was congruent with the health and longevity of our equine partners.

In the Greek myth of Pandora, Pandora opens a box that unleashes all of the evil spirits on humankind. However, there was one spirit that remained: Elpis, the spirit of hope, which was left to comfort humankind. Julie chose the name Elpis for her business as she hoped that her program would represent hope for the horses and humans who have been struggling or fallen victim to some of the unfortunate practices in the equine world. She finds joy in helping rehabilitate these horses and people.


“I have ridden for over 50 years and have been training and teaching for over 35 years. I have worked with beginners all the way through to World Cup horses. I have been privileged to be part of Julie’s journey in her desire to further her equine knowledge and skills. Julie’s perception and patience are quite remarkable as is her ability to encourage her riders and horses. She understands that winning itself is not enough… learning to ride properly is the ultimate goal, and she remains grounded in this pursuit. Julie has embraced Balanced Equine Training as part of her “tool box” as she believes that this program is best for both horse and rider.

If you are looking for a young professional with poise and show experience, who doesn’t take short cuts and who is willing to do what’s best for you and your horse, then I would highly recommend Julie Weisz to help you reach your goals.” - Arlyn DeCicco, founder of Balanced Equine Training


“Both my mare and I are blessed to have been referred to Julie Weisz, the trainer I’d sought for 50 years! She is one of the few who really does understand classical riding, and my mare has blossomed under her correct riding and superlative teaching skills. When an old soundness issue reappeared, Julie had the knowledge of how to treat the issue, great experience in rehab, along with the team in place to give the mare her best shot at recovery. We are going to our first show this weekend! All of this I attribute to Julie Weisz and her expertise. I recommend her most enthusiastically! Thank you, Julie!!!” - Deborah Burroughs


“I have worked in the Equine industry for over a decade and have had the privilege of working with a diverse group of trainers and equine professionals. Julie’s understanding of physiology and kinesiology and how it impacts the movement of both horse and rider give her insightful perspective when teaching and coaching. Julie brings patience, professionalism, and a true love of what she does to the arena whether through teaching, competing, or caring for horses; and it shines through in her program. When I began to struggle with balance and confidence issues from a previous injury, I asked Julie for help, and I am so glad I did! Each lesson with Julie was the perfect mix of reflection and retraining to challenge my body and my brain, and it has definitely enhanced my partnership with my horse. She has been a valuable contributor to my growth both as a rider and as a veterinarian and I am so thankful to train with her.” - Dawn Love, DVM


“A huge THANK YOU and major endorsement to Julie Weisz, whom has started helping me with my young TB Secret. Her quiet, kind, patient demeanor has brought him through some resistance issues I’d been having with him that was resulting in some serious frustration for both me and the horse.” - Heather Young


“Julie is a first-rate trainer and rider with a comprehensive results-oriented approach. Her program shapes and polishes for peak performance while building and maintaining correct equitation, flexibility, strong foundations and a genuine enjoyment of the sport. After relocating and spending over a year out of the saddle, I wanted to find a patient and skilled instructor who rode in a style that I would like to emulate and who had a clear and proactive method of teaching. Julie did not disappoint. Each lesson brought interesting new exercises and questions well-suited to my goals and experience. Julie helped me safely and systematically get back into a regular routine to build back the fitness and confidence I needed to start competing again. Thank you Julie!” - Christina Stock